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    Composition:20%RWS Merino Wool 30%Recycled Nylon 25%Viscose 25%Dehaired angora

    Weave: Flat knitting machine: 12 needles, single feeding; flat knitting machine: 9 needles, double feeding

    After Finishing: In order to increase the softness and softness of the fabric, it is recommended to add about 3% of the fabric weight of the leavening agent and about 5% of the smoothing agent in warm water below 40°C, turn the fabric over and put it in the washing machine and stir for 3-5 minutes for dehydration, and dry at a temperature below 80°C. Pay special attention to not overly drying. After drying, use a lot of steam ironing.

    Color Fastness: If you choose a striped fabric with a strong color contrast, it is recommended to specify the special color fastness requirements. If you have special requirements, please inform in advance.


    ▲All the above colors provide sample yarn stocking service. The color is subject to the color chart. The product which remark ★ before color number contains fluorescence.

    ▲Proofing MOQ: 20kg/ color

    ▲The price will rise by 10% if the order quantity is below 100kg.

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