What happens to the yarn we sell

Update: 13-12-2019

Every day we receive orders, pull yarn, and wrap it up […]

Every day we receive orders, pull yarn, and wrap it up in packages big and small, to be sent out all over the world, not knowing what happens to it, once it is received by its new owners.A few months ago, we heard from one of our customers who road-tripped it over to visit us, and blogged about the trip here  Read all about it!A few weeks later, we were alerted to what was made with the yarn purchased during that visit, but it’s taken me until now to share it with you all on here.If it is possible, this yarn is the definition of understated bling.

With a strand of Angelina throughout its hand-dyed loveliness. This fingering weight superfine Merino is the perfect shawl or sock yarn. In both  Limited Edition and regular hand dyed colorways, this yarn will make your needles sing!Well  it took Awhile but the Zens are starting to trickle in  we just received a massive shipment of our beautiful crochet hooks in ebony and rosewood as well as circulars. More To come – it took awhile for our supplier family to relocate but they are settled in now and polishing a way. For those who care  the polish on these needles is vegetable based and non-toxic! 

As Fabulous Yarn is stocking up on lots wool yarn suppliers of lovely Madelinetosh Vintage, I thought it the perfect opportunity to remind you about my sweet little Verbier Hat, knitted with this gorgeous yarnWe are super excited to announce our new  Interchangeables. This Luxury set comes with everything you need to enjoy your knitting even more than you do now!  This set comes with 10 tips  in beautifully hand-polished rosewood with brass fittings. Included are 3 cords: to make a 24, a 32 and a 40″ circular needle when the tips are attached rosewood end caps or stoppers, to keep stitches on when you want to remove the tips, or, even better, use the needles for straight, not circular needles, and prefer not to have them attached.

Also included are a tightener  tho we havent yet needed them and a Della Case  included in your purchase! WOW! You may purchase extra cords, and tips. One of the amazing things about this set – the Cords are swivel cords. so while your knitting, they won’t kink or twist, they just swivel so you never have a problem with the cords pulling on the tips (one of the main reasons why screw-on tips comes unscrewed while knitting! These are a fanatastic value and beautiful as well!