What are the characteristics of silk cotton blended fabrics

Update: 09-10-2020

The Angora mixed yarn silk-cotton blended fabric is mad […]

The Angora mixed yarn silk-cotton blended fabric is made of 40% cotton and 60% silk blended interweaving jacquard, which can be dyed to obtain a pattern of similar color levels; the luster of the fabric combines the softness of silk and the freshness of cotton, making the fabric present a kind of elegant The appearance is generous; and the feel also has the comfort of cotton and silky smoothness.


100% Woollen cashmere yarn


Therefore, the fabric is especially suitable for making fashionable high-end shirts, suits and so on.Silk-cotton blended fabrics are yarns made by mixing two different textile fibers, called blends. It can be blended with chemical fiber and natural fiber, it can also be blended with chemical fiber and chemical fiber, natural fiber and natural fiber.


As the technology continues to mature, the composition of the fabric changes with each passing day. Now in the market we can see more than three fiber blends to achieve different Effect. Blended fabric refers to the yarn used to weave fabrics that contains more than two fiber components, such as: wool and acrylic or polyester and cotton spun into yarn and woven fabric in a certain proportion, which is blended.


In the fabric, there are two kinds of fibers, polyester and cotton, and the ratio of polyester is greater than that of cotton. 65 polyester/35 cotton or 64 polyester/40 cotton, etc., are polyester-cotton. If the proportion of cotton is equal to more than half, it is called CVC. Corresponding to blended spinning, there is another type of interweaving. Fabrics woven from two or more different fibers are interweaving.