What are the characteristics of the raw materials of blended yarn

Update: 07-05-2021
Abst: In order to Angora mixed yarn develop, design and manufacture flax blended yarns on cotton textile machinery and equipment, our company has carried ou...
In order to Angora mixed yarn develop, design and manufacture flax blended yarns on cotton textile machinery and equipment, our company has carried out technical research on the use and preparation of flax raw materials, the production and manufacturing processes of each process, and the control of air humidity. Various problems in the process ensure the normal production of all processes, and develop and design flax blended cotton yarns that satisfy customers. Flax fiber has high-quality properties such as moisture absorption and heat dissipation, antibacterial health care, anti-fouling, anti-static, UV blocking and flame retardancy. Blending flax with viscose, cotton, polyester cloth and other fibers, selecting an effective blending ratio, can make full use of the advantages of various fibers.
The textile products made of flax blended yarn have the characteristics of being very smooth, breathable and cool, absorbing moisture, sweating, non-sticky, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, non-static induction, and antique colors. The pursuit of perfection in fashion trends is highly favored by the sales market. The sliver blending process is selected, in which the flax fiber is slivered according to the semi-wool spinning process step, and the other fibers blended between the two are slivered according to the open-clean cotton process step. Because the flax fiber has poor coordination in the whole process of weaving, it is very easy to cause static induction. During the whole process of knitting, add an appropriate amount of water and oil to carry out preparatory treatment; reduce the speed as much as possible during the whole process of weaving to avoid breaking.
It is necessary to ensure a stable temperature during the whole process of carding. Consider removing the singeing process, and avoid hairiness as much as possible in the whole process of weaving. Therefore, we choose inseparable spinning for manufacturing. Because the cohesion between the fibers is poor and the single yarn has low super strength, it is easy to cause hairiness and coarse key points in the whole process of weaving. It is advisable to choose the "two big and two small" process configuration.
The twist index of the spun yarn is basically increased by 20-30 in the general type, and the front roller speed is 25r/min lower than other types. Because the flax fiber produces different specifications and types of hemp knots on the surface of the yarn, the winding process technology It should not be very strict, especially if the thick sections are loosened as much as possible, the environmental humidity is too high, and the safe passage of cotton yarn should be cleared every shift to avoid the electric cleaning error caused by the accumulation of short lint.