How is the development of the home textile market

Update: 22-06-2020
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Technical process is polyester film fiber an important index basis for measuring whether an enterprise is advanced, whether it has market competitiveness, and whether it can continue to lead the competitors. With the development of my country's textile market, the application and R&D of core production technology related to it will surely become the focus of attention of enterprises in the industry. Understanding the research and development trends, process equipment, technology applications and trends of the core technology of textile production at home and abroad is crucial for companies to upgrade product technical specifications and improve market competitiveness.Development Overview China is a major country in textile production and export. After years of development, China's textile industry has obvious competitive advantages. It has the world's most complete industrial chain, the highest processing support level, and many developed industrial clusters respond to market risks. The self-regulation ability is continuously enhanced, which provides a solid guarantee for the industry to maintain a steady development pace.
From the perspective of the international environment, there is still much room for expansion and opportunities in the international market.


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With the end of 2007 Due to the expiration, the end of the 2008 China-US textile quota restrictions, China's textile quota-free era is approaching, the region that accounts for more than 60% of the global textile market is fully open, which will bring huge opportunities for China's textile trade. In the next few years, the world economy will still be in the rising range, which will definitely promote the growth of international trade, which will bring favorable international market protection to the growth of China's textile and apparel exports. From the perspective of the domestic economic environment, domestic demand will become an important driving force for industry growth. About 80% of Chinese textiles are consumed domestically. With the sustained and rapid growth of the domestic economy, the steady increase in residents' income will drive the further development of the domestic demand marketChinese textile enterprises should overcome the difficulties of rising raw materials, RMB appreciation, and export tax rebate adjustments, seize the opportunities of the textile industry, increase industry concentration, curb the blind expansion of inefficient production capacity, increase the construction of characteristic industrial parks, and strengthen independent innovation China’s textile industry’s brand building, industrial adjustment and upgrading.


Make China march from a big textile country to a strong textile country. China has the world's largest consumer group, and the Chinese people's consumption concept of home textile products is gradually changing. With the gradual improvement of the design and technical level of Chinese enterprises, the huge consumption potential of the home textile market will be released. In the next few years, China National Textiles The market is expected to increase by a net 200-300 billion. Home textiles, one of the three final product areas of the textile industry, have achieved rapid development since 2000, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. The output value of the Chinese textile industry in 2002 was about 300 billion yuan, and rose to 3630 in 2003 The value in 2004 was as high as 435.6 billion yuan. The data released by the China Home Textile Industry Association showed that in 2006, the output value of China's entire home textile industry was about 654 billion yuan, an increase of 20% compared with 2005.


According to a survey by the China National Textile Industry Association, China's home textile market still has huge room for development. According to the textile consumption of developed countries, clothing, household and industrial textiles each account for 1/3, while the proportion in China is 65:23:12 ; According to the standards of most developed countries, clothing consumption and household textile consumption expenditure should be basically the same, and as long as the per capita consumption of household textiles increases by one percentage point, China's annual demand can increase by more than 30 billion yuan. With the improvement of people's material living standards, the modern home textile industry will have more growth.China has a 600 billion home textile market, but few real leading brands have yet to be formed. Rolley, which claims to be the first in the market, only has sales of 1 billion yuan; similarly, this over-dispersed market status quo is in the pillow market More prominent. Due to the promising market prospects, companies are swarming up with many brands, and the Chinese textile companies have an average profit of only.