How to clean cashmere sweaters

Update: 19-10-2020

Cashmere cashmere yarn fiber is slender and soft, and i […]

Cashmere cashmere yarn fiber is slender and soft, and it is slightly weaker in strength and wear resistance. It is very easy to be damaged if you are not careful. Therefore, try to reduce the friction with hard objects when you wear it inside or outside to avoid local friction and pilling. The wearing time should not be too long, pay attention to intermittent about 10 days to restore elasticity to avoid fiber fatigue. Try to wear it in a cleaner environment, otherwise it will increase the number of washing, damage the fiber, and lose the sense of nobility. Cashmere products generally have washing method indications, please follow the washing diagram instructions for proper disposal. Generally speaking, in addition to the cashmere products that have undergone shrink-proof processing, they can be washed in a washing machine. Generally, cashmere products are best to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed.


33% wool mixed yarn(60Nm/2)


Put the special detergent in water at about 35 degrees Celsius and mix well, and soak the clothes 15 -30 minutes later, wash the dirty spots by squeezing and rubbing, and gently patting and rubbing the rest. Jacquard or multi-color cashmere sweaters should be soaked in water, and different colors should not be washed together to avoid staining. Put the washed cashmere sweater into the net bag and spin it in the washing machine. Spread the dehydrated cashmere sweaters flat on the table with towels and quilt by hand to form them into the original shape and dry them in the shade. Avoid exposure to the sun. After drying in the shade, use a medium temperature about 140 degrees Celsius steam iron to iron. Keep a distance of 0.5-1cm from the clothes and avoid pressing them on. Many people think that cashmere products are always sent outside for dry cleaning and ironing is very troublesome, but it is not.


As long as you master the method, you can wash it by yourself. You might as well try this time and money saving method. Before washing, use cold water to soak for 20 to 30 minutes. The washing temperature should be below 40 degrees Celsius. Do not soak in hot water to prevent shrinkage or decrease in elasticity. As cashmere fiber has poor alkali resistance, it is best to use a special detergent. Necklines, cuffs and other dirty areas should be coated with a higher concentration of detergent after soaking. Wash by squeezing and kneading, gently pat or rub the rest of the area. The washing time should not be too long to prevent the fibers from interlocking and producing milling. Jacquard or multicolor cashmere sweaters should not be soaked, and cashmere sweaters of different colors should not be washed together to prevent mutual dyeing. After washing it, put in a special softener for cashmere sweaters, it will feel better. Cashmere is a kind of protein fiber, it is easy to be eaten by insects, and it is thin and easy to deform. Therefore, it must be washed and dried in the shade before storing, folded and bagged, and placed flat.


Avoid hanging to avoid draping and deformation. Do not mix it with other products in the same bag. Please store it in a dark, ventilated, and dry place. Pay attention to mothproofing during storage. It is strictly forbidden to directly contact the mothproofing agent with the cashmere sweater. For woollen cashmere sweaters, carefully check whether there is any oil stains on the clothes before washing. If there is, please use soft cotton dipped in ether and pour it on it gently. Put the oily cashmere sweater in water with a temperature of 30°C and an appropriate amount of special detergent for woolen fabrics, gently wash it by hand, and then wash it with water at the same temperature until it is clean. Jacquard or multicolor cashmere sweaters should not be soaked, and cashmere sweaters of different colors should not be washed together to avoid staining. After the washed cashmere sweater is dehydrated, put it on the lower towel platform, arrange it to its original shape by hand, dry it in the shade, and iron it with a steam iron. Avoid hanging it in the sun to avoid deformation and discoloration.