Difference between semi-worsted and woolen

Update: 19-12-2019

It includes the process like blend, add oil, combed, di […]

It includes the process like blend, add oil, combed, divide into strips and twist and so on. The woolen yarn is fluffy and has low yarn count.Worsted: it is a craft that the clean wool material is combed to the yarn after carding and combing to the strips. It includes the process like carding, combing, roving and spinning and so on. It mainly contains 2 processes: top making and spinning. Worsted yarn is plain, elastic and good strength.

Semi worsted it is similar to the worsted, but it does not include combed and ex-prepare. The craft is cleaning the wool, blended oil, carding, combing, roving and spinning. It has the feature of the short process and low cost, but the yarn quality is less than worsted yarn. Its first part is woolen’s process and second part is worsted process, so it solves the problems by combining the 2 processes.Under the same quality cashmere, woolen or worsted is updated to the requirement and seasons of the products.

Worsted clothes texture is not so obvious and it is softer and thinner which is more suitable for summer and spring, but woolen clothes have a warm feeling of “mother’s cashmere sweaters”. Semi worsted yarn always can release that cotton, wool, silk and linen and other natural fibers blended with new artificial fiber and chemical fiber, the semi worsted yarn product style is special whether in worsted fabric or woolen fabric or knitting sweaters, the fabric feeling is good and soft which gives people a fresh feeling.

It is different from traditional worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn woolen yarn style, so it called semi worsted yarn. Woolen makes textile fabric fluffy and thicker, it is good feeling and can combine thick yarn and thin yarn to spun, the finished product has 3D feeling , elastic and soft ability which keeps light but warm style, it is a good choice for winter Consinee brings in Italy advanced automatic product line and exquisite craft. Consinee yarn is popular among the world and cooperates with many first class brands. Please register in cashmere-yarn.com for more information.

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