33%Woollen cashmere yarn

33%Woollen cashmere yarn
Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery: 30% down payment;70% before shipment/FOB CIF
Minimum order quantity: 1 set
Price: Consultation
Delivery time: 1-4 months
Payment method: T/T L/C
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Class No.:C0227


Composition:33% wool 32% nylon 35% rayon

KNITTING: FLAT KNITTING MACHINE: 9 needles, single feed flat knitting machine: 7 needles double feed 。

After finishing: This product after knitting in order to obtain a better feel of the fabric, it is recommended to adopt clothing mercerization processing. The treated garments are placed in warm water at a temperature below 40 °c, added with a leavening agent of about 3% of the weight of the fabric or wool to clean the fabric, turned over and placed in a washing machine, and stirred for 3-10 minutes, depending on the suede effect, after washing the fleece, it is removed and dried, then add warm water 30-40 °c add cashmere special softener and smoothing agent soak for 20-30 minutes dehydration, in less than 80 °C temperature drying, pay special attention not to dry too dry, dry after using a large number of steam ironing. Colour fastness: If you choose a fabric with strong colour contrast, you are advised to specify special colour fastness requirements. Color Card shall prevail. If you have any special requirements, please inform us in advance. REMARKS: All colors above provide sample yarn stock service. Luster index product before color number contains fluorescence.

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Company Profile

As a famous China 33%Woollen cashmere yarn factory and 33%Woollen cashmere yarn company, The predecessor of our company is Tongxiang Wanxin Wool Spinning Materials Co., Ltd., an advanced private enterprise, founded in 1998, headquartered in Tudian Town, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, with a total investment of 100 million yuan, covering an area of 25 acres and a construction area of nearly 40,000 square meters with more than 400 employees. Our company has a semi-worsted production line and new product development line of 15,000 spindles, advanced equipment Schlafhorst X5 automatic winder machine production line and testing equipment with a dynamic and competitive high-quality research and development, management, marketing team. Under the joint efforts of all the staff of our company, we joined the “China Fashion Color Association” in 2012 and became the governing unit of the Fashion Color Association. With the help of the “China Fashion Color Association”, our company created the only“wool yarn popular color research and development base” in China. Meanwhile, our company has now become the governing unit of the yarn branch of the Provincial Cardigan Association and the member of the Provincial Wool Textile Association.

At the beginning of 2017, our company once again ushered in the development opportunity and invested in the establishment of Zhejiang Weisheng Industrial Co., Ltd. in Puyuan, covering an area of 43 acres, with a construction area of nearly 90,000 square meters equipped with 6 Italian-made woollen production lines with a total investment of over 200 million yuan.

Our company can produce more than 5,000 tons of yarns per year and more than 100 million meters of fabrics. At present, we are one of the professional wool spinning yarn R&D and production bases with the high quality, favorable service and large annual sales in Zhejiang.